Saturday, August 9, 2014

1812 Musician Coatee!!!

This is a custom project for a friend I've been excited about.  It's an American militia musician's coatee ca. 1812, based on a couple of originals.  The coatee has false lapels and closes at the front with hooks and eyes.  The body is constructed of the best quality scarlet kersey, lined in the sleeves with muslin, and in the tails with white serge, which also serves as the false turnbacks.  The trim is double vellum metallic lace, and the buttons are from a vintage West Point dress coat.  The coatee is entirely hand sewn with linen and silk threads.

Hooks and eyes set into the facings.

Detail of hand set turnbacks and gold lace lozenge.

Flase turnbacks.

Detail showing skirt pocket opening.

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