Monday, February 11, 2013

New! Cincinnati Depot shelter halves!

Now available to order.  Type 2b Cincinnati Depot shelter halves.  This one is based on tent #11 from The Federal Civil War Shelter Tent by Fred Gaede.  It is made from three panels of cotton drill, pieced horizontally, and machine stitched.  The buttonholes and grommets are done by hand.  This tent features darkened bone buttons with backing reinforcements, 1/4" manila ropes, and George F. Moulton's inspector stamp.  These features are common to extant Cincinnati Depot tents.  These tents would have begun manufacture late in 1863.  Moulton was the inspector between November '63 and February '64.  This tent is a replica of one believed to have been used at Knoxville, and on Sherman's march to the sea.  These are perfect for campaign events around Nashville, Franklin, Atlanta, &c.  I will also be producing a replica of tent #8, which is a completely hand sewn version with an unusual pieced lower panel.  Western Federals look no further!

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